Sunday, March 31, 2013


We spent last night at the Aqua Yacht Harbor Marina on the Tenn-Tom.  Today we finished the Tennessee and have begun the 450 miles of the Tombigbee that will take us to Mobile Bay.  We both are anxious to make it to the ocean. We traveled down the Divide Cut today and are currently traveling on the canal strip. We have gone through three of the six locks already in this section today.  We were very lucky that we did not get delayed at any of the three. Most of the day was rain off and on but by late evening when we pulled into Midway Marina the sun did shine just before it set.

The highlight of our day today was talking to family back home and getting to skype with our granddaughter.  We both miss her already.

Nana and Pop's Girl

Friday, March 29, 2013

Down the Tennessee

We are traveling down the Tennessee River.  Here are some sights that we are seeing along the way.

Homes on the Tennessee

What a house

Pair of Eagles and Their Nest

Closed but we tied up here for the night.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day Five

Finally, the sun is shining!  We had a beautiful day for travel on the Tennesse River.  We saw white pelicans, and sighted some eagle pairs.  The shone shone on the water all day making the river appear to have diamonds. We covered 72 miles today and are staying at Pebble Isle Marina at mile marker 96.  We borrowed the courtesy car and went out for dinner and grabbed a few supplies. Tomorrow is to be in the 60's.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day Four

After arriving late last night at Green Turtle Bay we have decided to spend the day here and leave out tomorrow morning.  Green Turtle Bay is a great stop with so may great benefits and the staff has been so very nice. We have enjoyed staying warm today and tomorrow is looking like a great day to continue. We have taken care of a few chores and have enjoyed the facilities. As for our  pictures we add to our blog we want to thank our daughter and son's families for the last minute surprise of a new camera. The hardest part of this journey is missing those back home.

Great Loopers Flag

Monday, March 25, 2013

Day Three

Is This spring?
What a day!  Is it ever going to be spring?  We encountered fog, delayed locks due to a barge, snow, sleet, near zero visibility, a leaky coolant hose, and let's not forget the cold.  All in all a very special day.  We have been tested and paid our dues today.  We arrived at Green Turtle Bay at 8:00 pm.  A bottle of Spumante was appreciated for supper tonight.  Hot showers will probably wait until tomorrow morning.

Snow on the bow at Golconda,IL

Rock Quarry on the Cumberland

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day Two

We were up and off early this Sunday morning.  The weather has changed as predicted.  It is quite cold today and very rainy, at least there is no snow.  We had a short day today because we want to stay at Golconda  Marina.  We plan on leaving out early so we can make two locks tomorrow and travel the length of the Cumberland and make it into the lakes. Hopefull each day will be warmer as we head south.

Day One

After leaving Evansville, IN at noon  we knew we would not get to far today due to the high waters and swift waters without a plan for the night.  We could not make it all the way to Golconda before nighfall so we received special permission and tied off behind Myers lock and Dam.  Great spot and out of the weather.  We both slept well.

Departure Day

Saturday March 23 as planned we are on our way.  The sun did shine for us today as we left from our home port in Inland Marine ,Evansville, IN. We had quite a send off from family and friends as we left the dock. We were sent off with chocolate,cake,biscotti,strawberries,Makers Mark, and a case of Champagne.  After a toast with all present we started the engines at noon and pulled away.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time to Say Thank You

A trip of this size cannot happen without a good backup team of friends and family that you know and love. We will be leaving so many chores to be done from our home to our bills with our next door neighbor, that is not only our good neighbor, but Mike's brother as well. Our family has bought us so many needed safety and communication devices over the last few months to help make our trip not only a success but so we can communicate back home as well.Thank you dear daughter for setting us up with the little blue computer so we can blog throughout our Great Loop. Mike says thanks son for all the added security for the house. We can't say enough about our house sitters and animal care givers (always special people). We truly count our blessings because of all the special friends and family we have to support us and to cheer us on. We pray for good weather, good health for all, and a safe journey aboard MY THERAPY.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Almost Time

The weather finally did warm up.  We spent the entire weekend cleaning the inside and outside of the boat. We took several loads of supplies and equipment down the ramp to the marina.  It looks like everything is going to fit, of course we proably will have forgotten something very important. We are planning on leaving in a couple of weeks.  The time is drawing near. Mike even got started on sealing the decks.  We are also proud of the grill that we installed on the back, and thanks to Dave it now has a very nice canvas cover. It's good to have such nice friends.