Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Homecoming Day Sept. 7th

Autumn Is Back Home (Meow!)
Happy Nana and Pop
We did it! Our arrival into Evansville was on Saturday Sept. 7th at noon. What a great welcoming party! As we turned the bend and headed into the marina we saw several family and friends awaiting our arrival along with a camera crew from the Evansville Courier and Press. The loop now finished  will find us looking for another adventure in the  future.  Life, you should seize the moments and enjoy it to the fullest. We have been blessed with good family, friends and health. Time to find our land legs and take care of business.

Rounding the Bend Into Evansville

Great Guys

Happy Mom

The Home Team!  Many Thanks!
Happy Nana


Boating Friends (Thanks Bill)


Mariah Is Back Home (Purrr!)

Good Friends

Family and Friends


  1. Welcome Home! I was listening to your arrival from the other side of Newburgh Locks on the marine radio and tried calling you but apparently I wasn't coming through. Can't wait to see you both.