Friday, August 30, 2013

St.Louis to Hoppies

Thursday August 29th we traveled on down the mighty Mississippi. To our starboard side St. Louis came looming into view with the Arch of St. Louis.  What a sight from the river! This of course was a slow down photo opportunity.  Seeing the Statue of Liberty was certainly a major highlight but the Arch was way up there on the scale bringing memories of the past when Mike went to school there and all the trips we have taken to this fun city, not to mention we were not far from home at this point at all! Afternoon brought us to the famous Hoppies on the river which is nothing but a long barge wall off  to the side of the river.  This is the last stop for fuel and water for a LONG stretch. The famous elderly lady here named Fern makes sure you know all you need about the upcoming stretch of the Mississippi.  She is truly a seasoned river woman. The weather is HOT! HOT! we miss the cool of  Canada and the lake.  How nice to come back to the tri-state with near record highs.  The next two to three nights will have to be on lock walls or anchorage.  There will not be another marina for us until Galconda.

St. Louis Coming Into View

Yes We Were There.
Our Point of View From My Therapy

Eads Bridge Crossing the Mississippi at St. Louis

The Arch at St. Louis 

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